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But if death is the journey to another place, and there, as men say, all the dead abide, what good, O my friends and judges, can be greater than this.

I suppose that these things may be regarded as fated,--and I think that they are well. The poets appeared to me to be much in the same case; and I further observed that upon the strength of their poetry they believed themselves to be the wisest of men in other things in which they were not wise.

For I am far advanced in years, as you may perceive, and not far from death. Can a man believe in spiritual and divine agencies, and not in spirits or demigods. Therefore, one of the greatest debates surrounding Socrates is that of the accuracy and validity of the Socratic sources, primarily the writings of Xenophon and Plato.

And I shall repeat the same words to every one whom I meet, young and old, citizen and alien, but especially to the citizens, inasmuch as they are my brethren. Another charge against Socrates was one which aligned him with the Sophists.

As Socrates summarizes, these accusers stated that, "Socrates is an evil-doer, and a curious person, who searches into things under the earth and in heaven, and he makes the worse appear the better cause; and he teaches the aforesaid doctrines to others" mit.

Defense Against Atheism Come hither, Meletus, and let me ask a question of you. I do not deny that Anytus may, perhaps, kill him, or drive him into exile, or deprive him of civil rights; and he may imagine, and others may imagine, that he is inflicting a great injury upon him: I am almost ashamed to confess the truth, but I must say that there is hardly a person present who would not have talked better about their poetry than they did themselves.

Rather than directly lecturing or teaching in the same way that the Sophists did, Socrates made famous his own method of learning -- later called the Socratic Method. Critics such as Luis Navia have suggested ways in which these apparently contradictory accounts may be reconciled.

The Apology of Socrates

Such nonsense, Meletus, could only have been intended by you to make trial of me. Yet Rogers has gone on to caution that Xenophon is an apologist and should not be trusted more than Plato. Norman Gulley has examined the concept of "the good" by reviewing the role of goodness in the political and religious views of Socrates.

Others, such as J. I have said enough in answer to the charge of Meletus: For instance, Socrates has been quoted as saying that the sun was a hot rock, expressly denying that Apollo, and thus negating the legitimacy of anyone who claimed to rule the Greek metropolis as a result of tracing their lineage back to Apollo.

Wherefore, O judges, be of good cheer about death, and know of a certainty, that no evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death. Related to such discussions of the nature of virtue, knowledge, goodness, and the soul, is the concept of wrongdoing.

Free Essay: I am not so certain if Socrates' approach to his defense is particularly the brightest one, and it certainly is not an apology as the title has. Essay on Socrates and the Apology best sources of information about Socrates' philosophical views are the early dialogues of his student Plato, who tried to provide a faithful picture of the methods and teachings of the great master.

The apology of Socrates Essays: OverThe apology of Socrates Essays, The apology of Socrates Term Papers, The apology of Socrates Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. - In this paper I will be discussing the four charges brought against Socrates in Plato’s essay The Apology# and why exactly each of these charges is completely fictitious.

The four charges brought against Socrates were that he argued the physical over the metaphysical, he argued the weaker claim over the stronger claim, he went against the gods, and he was corrupting the youth (Singer, lecture, 9.

Socrates is revered for his shifting of Greek philosophical thought from the contemplation of the nature of the universe, which occupied the philosophers before him, to the examination of human. In this essay I will discuss the character of Socrates as he is presented in the Apology, I will look at Socrates as a religious fanatic and an apostle of reason.

I will provide an argument from my own personal stance that the character of Socrates in the Apology is a variation of both religious.

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