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It is also useful to unplug all power connections that are not in use, since they continue to consume electricity as long as they are plugged. In order for the company to continue staying open the missing devices or conditions should be present within the following two weeks.

It is normally done prior to a foreseen disaster. The image below, excerpted from the plan, gives an example of a transportation related goal and the respective actions. Describe vulnerabilities that are specific to these hazards.

Earthquakes and floods, which are considered to be natural phenomena, also contribute to the changes in the ecosystem and are affected by mitigation strategies. People will be able to conserve energy and the water will become less contaminated.

Plants and animals that were depending on the rivers begin to suffer and die out. Increased usage of water and fire increased the rate of pollution, especially air contamination. Apart from saving on waste materials, the recycling companies founded have offered a pool of job opportunities for the citizens, contributing to the economical stability within the country.

Mitigation Strategies and Solutions: Non-living factors that contribute to the contamination of the environment or are affected by mitigation strategies include emissions of acidic fumes from incinerators and landfills released into the air; both are gradually resulting to global warming, according to Maslin For example, it would be important for a largely populated country to control its birth rates because of the effect large families have on pollution.

Global Warming International Centre. Implementation of disaster management measures in megacities have not been put in place due to political, social and economic obstacles.

The lack of water occurred because a lot of water is used in manufacturing plants, which not only reduces water levels, but also pollutes water, since the water used for irrigating plants is dumped into clean water sources, like rivers, etc.

Community hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, and mitigation strategies custom essay.

Identification of the resources needed to implement strategies including financial, personnel, etc. The increase in population has also affected the environment in a negative way.

For example, people can no longer depend on water as a source of energy due to its short ages; even though renewable resources are said to be less pollutant, the humankind must come up with new ways of retrieving energy Gary, On the other hand, bio-degradable materials are not harmful for the environment.

Another way requires introducing a prize mechanism, which helps one get the value for his money only when s he has returned the non-consumable material to create, for instance, a packaging material Global Warming International Centre, For example, the developed countries should consider their foreign policies and support underdeveloped countries improve their already depleted natural resources, instead of running there to grow cash crops at the expense of the environment.

A plan to implement strategies that would ensure safety and reduce potential harm to the community in relation to these particular hazards. Zero Waste America The last type is nitrogen oxides that come from high-temperature combustion, such as that occurring in motor vehicle engines, electric powerplants, and other fuel usage.

Mitigation Strategies Recommend mitigation strategies to address the threats posed by these hazards.

Mitigation Strategies and Solutions: Executive Summary

When analyzing risks and identifying mitigation actions, the planning team may also identify emergency response or operational preparedness actions. Journal of Geophysical Research, Objectives connect goals with the actual mitigation actions. First of all, for any recycling manufacturing plant to be established, there must be enough supply of recyclates, means of getting the recyclates without having to invest heavily on the same, and, of course, a market for the recycled products Stevens, The methods mentioned above include defining more clearly what is disposable and what is not.

Many restrictions are made for businesses and factories, but what is more important than the health of our people. Most of the natural disasters may not be avoided but its consequences can be minimized.

Since a lot of waste materials are found in packaging, there have been cases when countries imported more waste products than the useful ones. Switching off all energy ports in the house and offices will also help in energy conservation.

Earthquakes and floods, which are considered to be natural phenomena, also contribute to the changes in the ecosystem and are affected by mitigation strategies. One heavy duty truck emits as much as particulate matter as automobiles, whereas one diesel train engine produces 10 times the particulate matter of a diesel truck.

Air pollution causes a number of health and ecological problems. Environmental protection is something that will always remain important, which is why the current generation would like to provide safe life for the generations to come.

Mitigation of Earthquakes. Place an order for a custom essay, research paper on this or related subject. Abstract.

Mitigation Strategies and Solutions: Executive Summary

An earthquake can be described as natural phenomena that cause shaking or trembling of the earth’s surface. Earthquakes cause lots of damage to property and even result in deaths. Strategies for addressing barriers to. Human Population As the human population in the world continues to geometrically grow, it has put a lot of pressure on the arid land, biological resources, energy and water to supply food in adequate amount while maintaining the integrity of the world ecosystem.

Community hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, and mitigation strategies custom essay. This assignment asks you to continue working on mitigation planning for your community (Spokane WA). You will complete a risk and vulnerability assessment (1, words) on Spokane WA and recommend mitigation strategies to deal with threats from.

Hazard Mitigation Planning - Executive summary Hazard mitigation planning is an approach aimed at ascertaining ways to reduce the effects, deaths and damage to property that might result in the occurrence of a natural of man-made hazard.

Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. In order for mitigation to be effective we need to take action now—before the next disaster—to reduce human and financial consequences later (analyzing risk, reducing risk, and insuring against risk).

Dec 06,  · Mitigation Strategies and Solutions for Global Warming By Julie Purvis June 13, SCI Mitigation Strategies and Solutions for Global Warming page 2 Take a look at the world around us and think what it may look like in 20 years.

Mitigation strategies essay
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